Most of us discovered Laguna, fell in love and moved here not knowing the work done by those before us. Battles were fought to protect the essence of our town. Now we must make decisions to keep us from being loved to death.


Surrounding towns and the County of Orange approved thousands of houses without considering congestion and Laguna is their beach. We need seasoned leadership and creative solutions to keep the flood of cars off our streets. More lanes are not the answer. We must keep the cars out.

 We have welcomed visitors, knowing that they are drawn by our natural beauty and our seven-mile coastline. Meaningful solutions are needed.

 Here are examples of my leadership:


  • Free trolleys serving visitors and residents.
  • A Quite Zone at Mozambique giving relief to their neighbors.  Bar patrons don’t disturb the neighborhood.
  • Traffic directors downtown keeping cars moving.
  • Noise and Lighting Ordinances refined.


My record is strong. I will continue to protect our vibrant and unique town.  Your quality of life must come first.


I put residents first.


     Toni Iseman

     Candidate ID: 5112-5